Who We Are

At Revival Furniture we are a positive bunch. The magic is in our attitude, and our way of life. We like to look for the best in things – whether it be an old discarded chair with good bones or uncovering a marvellous woollen blanket out of the back of the linen cupboard. It is in these things that we see potential. Revival Furniture carries this feel good factor. We breathe life into quirky retro style furniture by upholstering it with brightly patterned vintage wool blankets. The result invigorates even the dullest of rooms. Revival Furniture has a voice that can spark a laugh and trigger a nostalgic moment. Our furniture makes you smile.

And How We Came About

Revival Furniture is the brain child of Elizabeth Cottrell. Elizabeth was born in the southern city of Atlanta, Georgia in the USA. As a child her weekends were spent going to garage and estate sales with her family. ‘Wild goose chasing’ as they would call it was an American way of life. Over time Elizabeth’s eye for a bargain refined and she developed a particular passion for vintage and antique furniture.

In 1983 Elizabeth moved down-under to the rural high country of New Zealand to a small town called Taihape. This time the wild goose chase was not after a particular chair but instead a sheep farmer. She married her Kiwi man, raised a family and yes – continued collecting furniture.

Having always believed in the qualities of wool, her move to the high country proved wool’s greatness. Losing at least twenty degrees in the move from her sweltering homeland, wool became her lifesaver. Fittingly Elizabeth has combined her passion for furniture with her respect for iconic New Zealand woollen blankets. The result; Revival Furniture.