Our Process

We are constantly combing op-shops up and down the country on the lookout for unique retro chairs. But not just any old chair – it has to be a statement of its time – it has to have good bones. Once we have found the perfect match, we revive the chairs by upholstering them in iconic New Zealand made woollen blankets. We collaborate with local craftsmen to re-upholster each piece of furniture by hand. The result is truly unique, not one chair nor blanket the same.

Now there is more to these blankets than meets the eye. These brightly plaid beauties bear a sense of nostalgia; woven in a time when woollen mills were strewn across the country. Sadly while most woollen mills are a thing of the past in New Zealand, thank goodness many of the blankets are still about. They themselves have already stood the test of time – and this is a quality we have enormous respect for. We believe in the value of passing special things down through the generations, so what better upholstering material to use than the humble woollen blanket.

An integral part of our design is working with the blankets original label. By incorporating this proud statement of which woollen mill the blanket was made in, we aim to pay homage to this slice of our New Zealand heritage. Revival Furniture is proud to be using these beautiful blankets to upholster our chairs.